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100% naturel - 100% artisanal - 100% made in France

wooden minimalist objects



Natural, durable and aesthetic material, wood is our identity by nature. It is so important for us that we made it our name: mooq is simply the réflection of the word “wood”

Everything we manufacture is made from a single wood species, the beech, that is coming straight and exclusively from french forests, awarded for their durable yet reasonable operation.

With its characteristic pinkish whitish creamy looking, beech is the perfect species for creating objects. Soft and clean, it is totally meeting our requirements for creating minimalist products. To be sure we keep that natural beauty, we do not use any kind of treatment on our products.


We deeply believe that keeping simple is always a good choice. We truly think it is mandatory to make less but make better. As a fact, there is no better way to answer users requirements than making a minimalist product.

We make refine but perfectly executed products. We ensure our designs have a limited amount of components, which every geometries are optimised down to the very detail. Designed to be simple to use, robust and durable, we want our products to be accessible to everyone.


We manufacture everything in-house, by hand. Designed to make unique products to small series, our workshop is located near Lyon, the second largest city in France. Without any computer-aided machines, we only use our skills and craftsmanship to create handmade products.

To ensure our manufacturing process is meeting our high-quality expectations, we run an overall quality check on every product we make.


Manufacturing in France is not a selling point, its our reality. We could not imagine our products to be made elsewhere from foreign material. No way.

We are proud to say that everything we do is 100% french. We buy our wood in Franche-Comté or Aquitaine regions, manufacture our products in Rhône-Alpes and our partners are all very close from out location. Thanks to this organisation, we have a strong control of everything we do as well as promoting the french craftsmanship.