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100% naturel - 100% artisanal - 100% made in France

Each year, when December runs away, the Christmas Tree finds home within ours. Tradition has made it the central piece of Christmas celebration, le mot iconic object linked to happiness and joyful moments with friends and family. Natural or artificial, the Christmas tree always finds its way through our livingrooms.

Sadly, having a Christmas tree comes with some contrarieties. A natural tree is beautiful but cumbersome and kind of messy. Complexe transportation, thorns dropping, after use recycling make the experience quite unpleasant. On the opposite, an artificial tree is very easy to use but massively lacks of authenticity and is nothing like an envrionnementaly-friendly solution. It is then a choice te be made, between natural but constraining option versus a easy but non-durable alternative.

We think we can create an ideal Christmas Tree that will gather the best of both sides. A tree that would be natural and authentic but still easy to use and without scarifying durability and aesthetics. That tree, we designed it our way, the mooq way.

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Fully removable to help you save space

A Christmas Tree is massive. And used a month per year. You want it to be as majestic as possible during holidays but just the opposite once it is all over. Keeping the natural shape and morphology, we designed a dedicated architecture that makes our product totally removable.
Made of a pedestal, a 4-piece stem and many branches of various length, our Christmas tree is like a giant puzzle you will love to put together and apart each and every year.


Built it within 5 minutes with any tool

Building the tree does not require the help of any screwdriver. You will just need your hands. Just screw together the stem parts, put it on the pedestal and fit the branches into the dedicated holes. Within less than 5 minutes you done, ready to go to the next step.

Fits all kind of ornament

All kind of ornement is possible with our tree. Each branch have a built-in notch allowing you to hang or retain anything you want. Despite the lack of thorns, you can still use garlands.




moderne & durable



Nous assurons l’intégralité du développement du nos produit. Depuis le design jusqu’aux phases de prototypage, nous avons une totale maitrise de notre chaine de création. Nous développons nos produits pour qu’ils soient les plus simples à utiliser et les plus durables possibles, pour vous et pour notre planète.
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Nous utilisons du hêtre massif, exclusivement issu de forêts françaises et transformé par nos partenaires labellisés PEFC et FSC. C’est un gage de qualité et d’exploitation raisonnée des ressources naturelles.
Par ailleurs, notre bois est totalement naturel puisqu’il ne subit aucun traitement, de quelconque nature.



Nos sapins sont fabriqués en France, par notre partenaire implanté dans le Jura (39) ou dans notre atelier situé en région lyonnaise. Toutes les pièces sont contrôlées et testées pour garantir une qualité exceptionnelle. Nous assurons aussi la production des sacs en toile de jute qui accompagnent nos produits.
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